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Operation: FUTURE KIDS
Chapter 3
Ten Kids
Megan opened her eyes, to find herself in a weird room. There were no windows, just lots of buttons, and switches on the walls. She stood up, but only to fall back down. She turned her head to see, if any of her Друзья were with her. She had only a moment’s notice, when her younger sister, Maddy came falling down on her.
"Ow! Can Ты land somewhere else, Далее time Maddy." сказал(-а) Louise once Maddy got off her.
"Sorry, I need to work on that." she said, while laughing and helping her sister up at the same time. She was about to ask Maddy what was going on,...
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Operation E.I.G.H.T.
As Kuki struggled, as Mai had turned the laser on. She screamed but everyone around her was laughing. The laser was getting closer to her every time. She turned her head, and then back again and noticed the laser getting еще closer to her body. It inched a bit closer, and еще closer, until it almost touched her left foot. She thought, this is it, I'm going to turn evil, and I'll never Любовь him again. She closed her eyes as she thought, until she heard groans.
"Huh, Ты come at the wrong...
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Friday was no better. Wally was forced to wear purple and/or green. He just put on one of Kacey's old jerseys. There. гадюка Pride. Walking to school was the worst. Kuki wouldn't even look at him. Not that he wanted her to. Their fight last night caused everything. Now she was gonna go tell Falken. Perfect, Wally thought.
"Wally Beetles!" Mrs. Wann called. Wally looked up from his desk.
"Huh?" He asked. The class giggled.
"Your project!" Mrs. Wann said. Your Social Studies project!" Wally stopped. PROJECT? He's dead.
"P- p- p- project?!?!?!?!"...
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Once again Wally was stuck in class. While the kids were at recess, Mrs. Wann graded the papers. Wally got a -7.
"How would I get a -7?" Wally had asked.
"Because Ты doodled instead of doing the work." Mrs. Wann had told him.
So, here he was sitting in his desk. Instead of doing the group activity in Writing, he was counting dots on the ceiling. Every 26 dots he would re- count a dot and then think: "Oh! Didn't I count that one already?" and would lose count, and had to start over again.
The last колокол, колокольчик, белл of the день rang.
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