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posted by jarik
It's almost Рождество and I want to send out
season's greetings to everyone on my fanlist.
I would Любовь to send greetings to Ты all
individually but since my fanlist has swollen
to over 200 people that won't be pactical. So
I decided to take the shotgun approach and just
send a blanket season's greetings to everyone on
my fanlist.

In whatever manner Ты celebrate the season in
your part of the world I hope Ты all will have a
wonderful time with your families and friends. And that Ты all be безопасно, сейф during the holidays.

Here's hoping everyone has a grand time and that in the coming год Ты will all find peace and prosperity in your lives.
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R.I.P Paul Walker, Im still upset about Ты passing away.
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posted by harold
This is the fourth in a series of profiles of link, started back in January and only published now because I was doing about eight at once. It was last edited on 13 May 2008.

As with many fans, I first became aware of tubby2002 when she started posting to the link over a год ago. Since then I've been еще and еще impressed with the extent of her contributions, as well as her passion for reviewing and rating other users' content. In talking to other users about her, I found I wasn't the only one. Not one user I spoke with had anything but praise for her.

For example, link wrote: "I am a HUGE...
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posted by amazondebs
 nobody's perfect
nobody's perfect
When i first came to Fanpop i didn't really do anything much but make the occasional pick and watch Видео but when i did start to contribute еще it was because of the nice Комментарии and messages that Фаны sent me that made me a addict.

I Любовь to contribute for others but i Любовь it even еще when someone shows that they appreciate it weather it be a prop, a nice Комментарий или message или simply rating it.
If Фаны hadn't of been so nice i probably wouldn't spend even a quarter of much time on Fanpop as i do now, as the best thing is talking and joking with the Друзья I've made on here.

So it truly...
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posted by dazl
 The lovely Eden!
The lovely Eden!
Get your minds out of the gutter!

Two credits for this:

-Harold for coming up with the idea of interviewing a Fanpopper.
-Edennirvana for agreeing to Отправить herself to my degrading nosiness.

Interview with Edennirvana, coming to us from Puerto Rico.

1)When did Ты first discover Fanpop and how?

1. I'd say mid september of last year, a friend of mine wanted me to open a myspace account, so she asked me to check out her account. I was obsessed with the song that was used for the C.S.I. promo of season 8 so as I was checking out her account I started browsing through some myspace groups about C.S.I. and...
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posted by caintil31
I've been wondering this for a while. How did everyone discover fanpop? I found it when I googled, "The Office full episodes." I found them on Fanpop and started looking at the other spots. All the media on each spot was amazing. There was so much stuff on one topic. I was office crazy for a while and was on there nearly everyday until I discovered the harry potter spot. Finally I met other people who loved harry potter as much as me. I started finding other spots with my interests. I even made a spot. I check Fanpop everyday for updates. I've become a Fanpop fanatic. So, how did Ты discover fanpop?
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