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posted by HLforever
Inspired by one of Lisa's pics from H Magazine. Thanks to @PC for the idea! This poem is a tribute to the beautiful Lisa Edelstein.


Her beauty.
It is something indescribable.
The way sunlight hits the ground in a forest,
dappled by the leaves.
only broken by the rustle of branches
and the slow gurgle of a languid stream.
The way moonlight hits a quiet pond,
the glow rippling out
until it melds seamlessly into the darkness.
Can Ты put that into words?

She walks down the hallway,
a picture Холодное сердце in time,
for just one moment.
Her dress flows behind her,
the wings of a butterfly,
или the glow that a shooting звезда
leaves behind in the sky.
Her hair ripples in waves,
reflecting the sunlight, absorbing it,
as she gazes steadily at what is in front of her.
An open door, leading to what?
She is a queen,
perhaps her subjects await.
She is a star,
perhaps the flashes of cameras have already begun.

Ты can barely see her face,
it is flooded by light.
She looks at peace, a portrait of serenity,
but Ты feel the urge to call out to her.
When Ты say her name,
Ты know that she will turn around.
Her expression will be surprised,
until she suddenly smiles.

That smile,
wide, radiant, free.
That laugh,
an unrestrained burst of joy,
happiness radiating out of her,
infecting everything around with a warm glow.
If the world were in black and white,
that laugh could paint it in color.
It could give the autumn leaves their yellow,
their orange,
their fiery red.
That laugh could flood the oceans in a blue so bright
it would become part of the sky.
How could Ты resist that laugh?
It is irresistible.
She is irresistible.

Walking down the hallway,
she is a painting.
Something that is so far from your reach,
all Ты can do is wash your eyes
in its beauty.
It takes your breath away,
so is it fair to say that she is breathtaking?
Everything is frozen
for a second,
for one moment in time,
but Ты know that she will turn around
and the world will come back to life.

But for now, it is enough
to stare, to gaze,
to revel in her beauty.
The way the ocean laps at your ankles
as Ты wait for the Далее wave.
The way your сердце stops
for a moment
as he leans into your lips.
Can Ты put it into words?
She is the sun, the moon, the stars,
anger, serenity, sadness and joy,
hate and love
for one moment.
Her beauty,
it is indescribable.

posted by huddysmacked
So this chap is meant to be one before the last two… you’ll suffer … And Ты will review so that by tomorrow Ты get a new chap XDD LOL not really I just liked this chap a lot and well I hope Ты like it.. It’s long… And yeah I’m Письмо this at 11pm my time and should probably go to sleep but I can’t since tomorrow is my bday!!! So now reviews = a gift for me!!!

I’m trembling. I shouldn’t have done this. I feel so dirty and an awful person. I’m cheating on this guy. I still Любовь Hugh. Why don’t I understand he’s not gonna Любовь me? Rick wakes up. I quickly shut my eyes...
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posted by huddyislove
A little shorter one, but I promise it will all pay off :DDDDDDD, oh Ты sinners!!! :DDDD

“Are we ready for the scene?” David came, noticing Hugh and Lisa were already on their positions.
“Ok… so roll!” David shouted and they started filming.
Everything was perfect, they did only two takes and David was really satisfied with the outcome.
“High five, co-star, we nailed it once again.” Lisa сказал(-а) raising her hand to meet Hugh’s.
“I missed this, although I know I’m going to regret saying this in two months.” Hugh joked.
“Two months? I’ll regret it tomorrow.” Lisa laughed....
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posted by LisaLover
Hugh’s birthday was coming up and he had to go back to London. They were in the middle of shooting new episodes of House but he decided to take a 2 days break. He packed his personal stuff from the set and closed the door of his room.
He was walking through a corridor as he bumped into Lisa.

“Oh, you’re leaving so soon?” she сказал(-а) surprised seeing a small bag in his hand.

“Yes, my flight leaves in 3 hours.”

“You didn’t even come around to say goodbye and I've never gotten a chance to give Ты a present.” Lisa stepped up on a smile.

“I didn’t want to say goodbye to you.”...
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Okay guys, I promised this :DDDDDDD
So tell me what Ты make off of it :DDDDDD
Love ya :DDDD

The sun rises. Its rays start to bathe the city in yellow glow. People are slowly waking up in their cozy homes enjoying the first rays of sunshine. The rays travel the whole city until they reach the final house. They hit its windows, they find a way to somehow get through the curtains and fill the bedroom with their glow gently playing on the skin of a woman in the room. Revealing her sitting on a bed, pulling a sheet over her naked body, crying.
A few минуты later the man in her постель, кровати opens his eyes...
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Sorry for the delay. It's good I hope Ты like it ;)
This is good. Damn this is so good. Can I ripe your clothes off? With my teeth if it’s possible? Damn the clothes and damn your zipper, I’m so into your lips that I can’t undo it. Mmh, god there’s just another of your moans! God! Can Ты be sexier?

I can finally figure out where your zipper is located and as I’m pulling it down- Damn mobile, who can it be now? I depart from your lips and I glance at you. Your eyes express the surprise and I just get my mobile out and open it.

“Yes” I answer, my voice caught in the guilt. You...
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The House MD Season 5 taping season ended секунда week of April. The break allowed Hugh to go back to Лондон to finish his divorcement papers but of course he did this after Lisa’s approval of him going home. Lisa stayed with Giammario in California but she promised Hugh that she will tell Gi about them before Hugh come back in LA. The couple kept in touch with each other and it couldn’t be deny that they missed each other so much. By then, both of them were certain that they really belong to each other.

Lisa opened her eyes and all she could see was her empty room. The closet, drawers, mirror,...
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Thanks so much to huddyeva @ YT :D
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I'm trying to win Ты back playing not so much fairly perhaps :p Two chaps in a row is always a win

It wasn’t the dead-night anymore.
But not even daytime yet, as a matter of fact, even if a gleaming blanket was hovering in the air now. It drifted through the dust, gilding it, making it glisten brightly.
Everything looked like having a glow. Even the plastic fake-plants in the hall. Even the navy blue carpet on the ground. Even the long empty corridors ahead of him.
It would have been one of his Избранное hours of the день - dawn breaking.
If only those damn above-mentioned last one would stop...
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