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Now just so everyone know, I've only watched the shows. I've seen every movie and every episode of Inuyasha. But I haven't read the Манга so do not be upset with me if some of my thoughts are different.

I believe that Sesshomaru, at any point in time could have killed Inuyasha. Yes, their father did leave Tenseiga to Sesshomaru and Tetsusaiga to Inuyasha, making it futile for them to fight. But look at everything that happened.

In the early episodes, Sesshomaru used a human arm from Naraku and showed InuYasha the Wind Scar. He could've easily just used the Wind Scar on Inuyasha.

The episode where...
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Inu no Taishō's point of veiw

I can remember the день my first son was born, me and his mother now had such a handsome young man who would one день take my place. What shall we name him? She asked, I replied Sesshoumaru.
Although he barely ever saw me because he was always under his mother’s watch, I developed a Любовь for human beings while fighting them. Such creatures with their bravery and skill to dare to challenge me, without regret to die a foul death.
After the war, I came Главная to see Sesshoumaru, A whole fifty years now. Squealing, joy, and happiness that I was finally home. How was...
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