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If only Gaius hadn't interrupted them
season 4
Артур и Гвэн
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Confirmed Facts

1.It was confirmed at the SDCC Merlin Press with
Bradley James that the tagline for the series -
"The Darkest час is Just Before the Dawn" - is
actually one of his lines. Watch it here at

2. v=Wax0DoWJeRc&feature=related There are also
Ссылки to the SDCC Merlin Press with Colin морган
and the SDCC Merlin Press with Katie McGrath in
the Suggestions bar on the right hand side of the

3. Merlin is in torment after making a grave error
that causes huge upset for Arthur.[5]

4.Merlin will get the biggest chance he'll ever have to bring magic back to Camelot.

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So I’ve been Чтение a lot of meta lately, and some of the responses I’ve seen have got my hackles up. Read at your peril.

Goddamn but I do hate queer-baiting. I hate the whole concept it represents, I hate that it happens, but most of all, I hate that certain quarters in a fandom will use it as an excuse to discourage/disprove any points a gay ship has towards becoming canon.

"Oh, Regina and Emma touched one another and made literal magic? Queer baiting!"

"Oh, Castiel told Dean that he was his primary motivation in abandoning heaven? Queer baiting!"

"Oh, Merlin took off Arthur’s pants and...
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