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 This is kinda what he made me do.
This is kinda what he made me do.

Scourge smiled at me lustfully, as if he wanted more. Scourge planted kisses all over my face and a groan escapes my lips. Scourge smirked evilly and began forming sex plans in his mind. His kisses trailed down to my neck, where he nibbled it slightly. My body arched back in pleasure and Scourge kissed my lips once again. He slowly licked my neck as if it was a lollipop. I had NO words to express what we were feeling then. Pleasure maybe? Scourge smiled willingly at me and slowly...
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posted by sexyluna34
one день in mobius..... at the park.

luna: *sigh* man......*upset*

*scourge walks to a дерево and sees luna*

scourge: Эй, babe... whats wrong?

luna:*looks up* .......... miles tried to Kiss me.

scourge: what? *turns to super form* alright.. wheres that little son of a bitch???

luna: um babe.... a-april fools.

scourge:.....-_-... babe dont do that.


scourge: Ты did something bad... so Ты need to be *sexy voice* punished.

luna: oh baby.

scourge grabs luna and runs to his house.

scourge then puts luna on the bed.

scourge: Ты ready babe?

luna: oh Ты know it.

* scourge takes off my pants while i take...
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it was on a saturday...all of this happened:

luna: i need to tell them.......*gets out phone and dials a number*

magic: hello?

luna:um...magic....c-can Ты tell silver that im pregnant with scourge?

magic: *gasp* ..u-um...silver heard that.....

silver: Ты WHAT WITH HIM??!!!!

luna: ill explain it еще when i get their.*turns off phone*


silver: so...let me get this straight.... Ты got pregnant with scourge?

luna: yes.

magic: and Ты havent told us and Ты found out yesterday?


silver: and Ты *points to scourge* are THE FUCKING BASTARD WHO DID THIS TO HER!!!!

scourge: that would be correct....
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posted by silverstruelove
Me: Scourge what are Ты doing?!
Scourge: nothing babe i just want a little fun ( slides hands from my waist to my hip)
My name is Magic. Im 13 years old and i almost became a victim to scourge. Like the other middle school kids, i walk to and from school. Like the other girls, i was in Любовь with my boyfriend. Silver and me became a couple barely a месяц ago, and he has already сказал(-а) that he loves me. I was walking home, so i could tell my mom, amy, about what he said. I was Пение a song. That was my greatest downfall. I was sing he could be the one by miley cyrus/hanna Montana . I heard someone...
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posted by sexyluna34
i then watched as the police took scourge and sent him to a new dimension...far away from me...good riddens:

jake: ow my arm.

luna: are Ты sure your alright?

jake: long as your gonna be fine*smiles*

luna: *smiles and takes him inside*

luna; are Ты sure? do Ты need to sit down?

jake: shoulder....

luna: where does it hurt?

jake: right there *points to right shoulder*

luna: i dont see anymmmmpphhh

jake: *kissing me* mmmmmmm*breaks kiss* ...*smiles* i lied.

luna: *blushes*..what about your real injury?

jake: arm...ugh.... its gonna need to heal ...itll only take 2...
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posted by gyrothehedgehog
chapter 1-WAKING UP
Sonic blinked against the harsh light of the sun and forced his eyes open. To his amazement, everything was gigantic, especially Eggman, who looked as dumbfounded as he did. “I thought that invention was supposed to destroy them!” His voice boomed in his ears like fire-crackers, making him flinch. Then he stood up. He fell backwards onto his back, then rolled onto his stomach, which felt еще comfortable than usual. What happened to me? Sonic wondered as he tried to stand on his legs. To his astonishment, he could still stand, but he was standing on all fours. Suddenly,...
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posted by SonicXAlika
Scourge is a жопа, попка hedgehog but also is not a a** he is a guy who always hits on every girl he sees i do not like obsess over him i just like him as a character who has a attitude and is a pain and my sister showed me archie comics and learned еще about him and this is not a complaint to ScourgeXAlex17 because i live with her andshe is the one who showed me scourge and told me she was madly in Любовь with him so i kinda like scourge and i only like sonic the most becuase his hero attitude and now im so bored and i don't know what to wright
posted by girlygaga
i will never get why scourge does these things to us, but vote to see if we should put a stop to it.
if we get shadow to help us then we can win any battle scourge throws at us! hwos wit me!!!!
i hope Ты are, but Ты need to be with me или else. {secretley scourge is very lonley} so help me, and you'll see a brighter future!(for Fanpop that is) so friend me, email me and make scouge pay for his wrong doings!!!so please help us или there will be no fanpop!!! so we can Ты no, make it fanpoppy. please, please do it...or else we won't have a fanpop.

girlygaga tm (no copeing)
posted by Havanahedgehog
scourge:thoughts:hope everythin goes all right..ive been in this hospital for 3 hours come on monique u can do it.....*ears prick up*huh

dr.hamilton:welcome scourge as u can seee ive got news.....

scourge:*sweats a little*

dr.hamilton:congratulations u hav now becomen a father

scourge:OH MY FUCKING GOD PRAISE THA LORD*runs to the room*

dr hamilton:wha?????

scourge:*pushes nurse*get out of mah way bitch!!!


scourge:omg Эй, sexy!!!!*kisses monique*

monique:hey scourgey

scourge:whers the baby???

monique:shhhhh *puts her finger 2 his lips*he's sleeping

scourge:awwww he looks like u

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posted by sexyluna34

shadow:*breaks the kiss*...hmm...your blushing.

luna:what? *notices that shes blushing*

shadow: *picks up luna* how about i take Ты somewhere?


shadow than ran to his home....i held on tight....his chest мех was so soft...and fluffy :3

shadow: here we are.

luna:nice house.

shadow: thanks

shadow then put me down and we went inside.


shadow: *picks me up again*

luna: why do ya keep picking me up? *laughs a little bit*

shadow: maybe i cant stand it....maybe its cause your the most beautiful thing on mobius.

luna: *blushes* *kisses shadow*

posted by silverstruelove
Magic POV: oh god silver!!! ( drooling like crazy)
"Silver's" POV: yeah say my name babe and say it again.
I held "silver's" head at the spot he was sucking and licking at. He moved his arms to my waist and asked," want me to take this farther, babe?" I nodded, wiping the drool off my face. He automaticly pulled my pj bottoms off and his jeans at the same time. He took off my рубашка and his рубашка too. He licked, sucked, and kissed the spot he was at. I felt hands on my waist pulling my panties down. I was getting excited by the second, i have been waiting for this день forever. I moved his hands to my bra, then let him take the clip off. He kissed me, while he did that, he groped my butt. I gasped, he saw his opportunity, and put his tongue in my mouth. I moaned when he did that.
posted by sexyluna34 i heard the sounds of machienes......i also heard voices.

"no....we cant help her much....." it was a man.

"but Ты have to!! shes my friend!!!!"...magic?

"i-its all my fault....i shouldve never thrown scourge out the window...." s-silver?

i began to open an hurt....but i saw magic,silver,and a doctor.

magic: shes awake!!! *hugs me*

silver: l-luna im so sorry!!!.

luna:h-huh? what happ-

magic: Ты fainted...i called 911.

doc:it was a good thing she were in a state of shock for that guy....*points to scourge*

luna: *eyes widen and fill up with tears* *she then gets out of...
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