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 Tayla, Souljaboy, and Kelci
Tayla, Souljaboy, and Kelci
[Soulja Boy Tell Em Verse]

Man it's ridiculous, I got Ты so delirious
Kiss Ты through the phone, while I lick Ты just like liquirish
I'm hold back in 96, and Ты can be my Shasha Fierce
Baby Ты so sexy, I Любовь the way them jeans fit
Put Ты on my team list, Call Ты miss bezzy.
I'm Soulja Boy Tell Em, I can make yo life so easy
And if Ты don't believe me, please don't tease me
Delirious for my love, better yet I got Ты phenen

[Verse 1: Taylah P]
Hey over there what's your name
Are Ты for real
Is this a game
You start to smile
And I do the same
I look away but Ты remain
Your eyes starin back...
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posted by CallaLily11
I am too lazy to make a beat, just imagine it to the beat of On Melancholy холм, хилл By Gorillaz (Search kareoke version) I GIVE FULL CREDIT TO THEM, I DID NOT MAKE THIS BEAT
(When I do this - after a word it means stretch out the word)

Come along with me
And maybe, Ты will see.
That I cannot do
What Ты what me to
Oh no-

It can't always will be your way.
Every single day-
I'll try.
But when Ты lie...
Oh no-

Listen to the beat.
Of these sheets.
Of blood and tears.
When Ты are near.

It's not to be.
Opposites don't attract...


Любовь is like glass-
Once it is passed-
Through my hands-
Not to be pickin'
Up the pieces


[repeat verse]


Okay, now I don't sing, I was just board... :P:P:P:P
 Natalia Ferreiro
Natalia Ferreiro
Пение in the car is one thing, but having the talent to sing Opera in front of a theater full of people – that takes courage.

Rising Actress and Singer Natalia Ferreiro proved enormously brave, and talented, when she recently appeared in the Los Angeles premiere of the acclaimed Spanish-language mariachi opera, Cruzar la Cara de la Luna (To пересекать, крест the Face of the Moon) at The Soraya.

And, Natalia is not done yet. Up next, she heads to the South Pasadena Community Chorus and Orchestra as a soloist in Johann Sebastian Bach’s Magnificat; and then on to play Ida in Dei Fledermaus with Landmark...
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Майкл Джексон
Michael Jackson
Hold Me
Like The River Jordan
And I Will Then Say To Thee
You Are My Friend

Carry Me
Like Ты Are My Brother
Love Me Like A Mother
Will Ты Be There?

Tell Me Will Ты Hold Me
When Wrong, Will Ты Skold Me
When Остаться в живых Will Ты Find Me?

But They Told Me
A Man Should Be Faithful
And Walk When Not Able
And Fight Till The End
But I'm Only Human

Everyone's Taking Control Of Me
Seems That The World's
Got A Role For Me
I'm So Confused
Will Ты Показать To Me
You'll Be There For Me
And Care Enough To медведь Me

(Hold Me)
(Lay Your Head Lowly)
(Softly Then Boldly)
(Carry Me There)

(Lead Me)
(Love Me And Feed Me)
(Kiss Me And Free Me)...
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posted by elsafan1010
We've all watched Zoe Alexander, right? Zoe was a beautiful but mean girl who used the word 'Fuckin' all the time. My head hurts right now and my legs too. That's why I'm too lazy to even get up to get water, but I haven't put a single bite of Еда или a drop of water in my mouth since morning. And that makes me sluggish, so I'll cut this Статья short. What was I saying, when I first saw Zoe, I was disgusted with her because she was swearing, but then I learned her story. This is how Zoe described it in her YouTube video:

"Hi. I'm Zoe. Everyone thinks I'm really rude, but I have an explanation...
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me Пение Bring Me To Life by Evanescence
girl Пение
bring me to life
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You Loved Me
Ты сказал(-а) Ты loved me
Now all of a sudden we are over
This doesn't make any sense

What happened to us,
what about all our plans

I'm sorry,baby,but this doesn't make any sense
If Ты really didn't Любовь me why did Ты lie
I'm failing to understand this

Was she worth it to you?
Was losing me worth it to you?
I know secretley Ты still Любовь me
and Ты are devistated for losing me

If I was in your shoes I would try to fix it and not leave it the way Ты did

(repeat chorus

I'm sorry, babe, but I don't understand it, really why did Ты do it?

Was she worth еще to Ты then I was?

By:Stevie Kendrick
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