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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Forty
I felt like we were going to be in so much trouble. We missed church. I had only missed one church service since I started here. Now I didn't want to miss a single one. I finally understood why they wanted to serve this God. I could see how there is God now. I was stupid before. I was ignorant. Everything was right in front of me. It was in plain sight and I just couldn't see it. But everything was different now. It was a good different.
Clay pulled off from the side of the rode and headed somewhere. I didn't ask where. I enjoyed looking out the window...
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Hometown Chapter Twelve
Tex's POV
Talli and I ran to my truck in the pouring rain.
"Man, it's raining hard," she сказал(-а) with a laugh, "correction, it's storming!"
"Yeah, no joke," I agreed.
We were quiet on the way home. The rain was coming down really hard and I was being extra careful driving.
But we finally made it back to her house in one piece.
"Thanks for the ride," she said.
"No problem! If it's storming again tomorrow Ты are welcome to ride with me," I said.
"That'd be great," she сказал(-а) smiling, "see ya tomorrow!"
"Bye, have a good night," I said.
With that Talli hopped out of the truck and took...
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Tex's POV
I was excited to go horseback riding with Talli for her first time. Although, she seemed scared of my horse, Lightening Bolt, for some reason. She never told me why.
Once I was in the saddle, I pulled Talli up, and she sat behind me.
"Hold on," I said.
"What do I hold onto," she asked kind of loud in my ear.
I could not help but chuckle a little bit. I was going to have to get use to having a friend that is Hard of Hearing. I did not mind talking louder but I am definitely not use to it.
I looked over my shoulder, grabbed each her wrist with my hands, and wrapped them around my waist.
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapters Forty Five
Tex's POV
She laid there motionless for a few минуты and then thankfully got up.
"Harmony! Are Ты okay?" I asked as she climbed down from fencing.
"Umm, just gonna be sore." She сказал(-а) oddly. "Jack! I haven't seen Ты in a long time!"
I watched as she went over to him and hugged his neck.
"It's been 5 minutes; are Ты okay?" He asked worried.
"I'm fine. I'm just gonna be sore." She shrugged.
"Jack can Ты watch her while I ride?" I said. "Somethin seems off bout her!"
"Yeah I can. But I think you're over reacting." He said.
I had a good ride but not...
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Hometown Chapter Seventeen
I continued to stand by the fence and a horse came up to me. He was beautiful. He was Шоколад and white. His mane was two different colors! The horse let me pet him and then he ate some трава out of my hand. All the sudden he threw his head back and stood up on his hind legs. I stumbled backwards hoping he didn't come down on the fence или me. He came back down to all four legs but continued to throw his head back and start making noise. It was loud if I could here it. I got closer to the horse and he got louder. I rested a hand on the fence and extended my other...
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Forty Four
"You have officially been caught up on everything that has been going on since Wednesday night." I сказал(-а) to Isaiah as sniffed.
"I'm really sorry about Midnight Moon, I can imagine how much Ты cared bout him!" He сказал(-а) sympathetic.
"It doesn't matter. He was just a horse." I mumbled lying.
He wasn't just a horse. Midnight Moon was my horse.
I ordered my Еда and took a сиденье, место, сиденья at one of the picnic tables.
"You don't have to act like that. It's okay to Показать grief over him." Isaiah сказал(-а) as he sat down across from me.
"I'm fine." I said.
"Okay. If Ты сказал(-а) so."...
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Hometown Chapter Sixteen
Talli's POV
I headed to work after school. I did not get the chance to tell Tex yet. I was kind of embarrassed to tell him. I don't even know if Grandpa and Grandma know. Oh well, who cares if they don't.
I pulled up the hardware store. I walked in and threw my backpack behind the counter.
"Hey Grandpa," I said.
"Hey sweetheart, did ya have a good day?" He asked info smiling.
"Surfing was great this morning!" I smiled and then remember the wipeouts. "Well, except when I fell."
"It comes with the sport." He reminded me.
"I know. What first today?" I asked as I yawned.
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I snuck out the front door at exactly 3. Luckily, Isaiah was already here. I had mention Lance I was going to a rodeo but I didn't tell anyone else. I knew Bryce would say no since I got into a fight with Finn. I wouldn't dare ask him. He would be super mad since girls aren't suppose to fight. But hey, I have 4 brothers, so it is going to happen some time или another.
I jumped in the truck and looked over at Isaiah, his mouth was wide open.
"Careful, a fly might get in there." I сказал(-а) laughing.
"What in the world happened to you?" he asked shocked.
"I got into argument with Finn this morning." I...
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Hometown Chapter Fifteen
I had been working at the hardware store for a while now. I had finally saved up enough money to buy my own long board. I could not wait to get out of school and head to the surf shop. Luckily, Grandpa is pretty much allowing me to take his truck anywhere at any time.
I have an час of school left and all I can focus on is what color board I want.
"Earth to Talli!" Tex сказал(-а) as he waved his hand in front of my face.
"What?" I asked as I jumped.
"Sorry, didn't mean to scare ya!" He said. "But the колокол, колокольчик, белл rang. School is out for the day!"
"Yes!" I smiled happily.
"Do Ты wanna...
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Option 2
It was Monday morning... I am bummed that the weekend is over. It went by quickly. Grandpa, Grandma, and I had gone to their пляж, пляжный house for the weekend. I had so much; I could not wait to go back this coming weekend! Over the weekend I enrolled in a surfing class. I had happened upon it one morning when me and Grandpa were going to go fishing. I had mentioned to him how it would be neat to try it. Well, I tried the first class and I was immediately hooked on surfing. It took me several tries before I was able to stand up and actually ride a wave. But once I stood up on that board,...
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Forty One
Clay's POV
Harmony had to know. She heard the gunfire. We had to put him down. He was horrible when we got to him. It was a big pack of coyotes.
How were we going to tell her? She's going to be devastated.
"This is what she gets for leaving a horse out," Lance grumbled, "now we have to deal with him!"
"Look she didn't know any better. We have to look at this like its her first time at everything around here," Dad said, "now go get a tarp and cover the horse up. I'll call someone about him. Then go change, so Ты can start working."
Dad was right. We...
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Hometown Chapter Thirteen
Talli's POV
I woke up the Далее morning and it was weird waking up here. It was different; it didn’t feel like home. I have moved a ton of times and it never felt like home. Now, this place doesn’t feel like home. Where me and dad were at, that place felt like home. A real home. It sadden me thinking about everything and how it was all going to change. Again.
I was suppose to go to school this morning. But I just couldn’t do it this morning. The only person in this world that loved and cared about me is now gone for forever. How was I suppose to get up and deal with...
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My body is starting to ache all over. бык riding has not been my friend lately. I don't know what is it is but I could not stay on. It seems as if every time I get on, I get thrown off, the бык came after, and he hits me. I have bruises all over my body. My arms and especially my knees and shins are covered with bruises. I guess I just bruise really easily. бык riding is taking a toil on my body. или maybe it is this lifestyle that is taking a toil on my body. I am getting up every morning at 4 или 5 and doing strenuous work. Hauling around feed buckets, saddles, and bails of сено, сена and straw....
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Hometown Chapter Eleven
Tex's POV
Well, it was Monday morning. Oh, it was also storming outside. I hated Monday mornings; especially, when it was storming. I never had a good день at school when it was storming outside. It just seemed so dreary. Everything about the день just seemed to drag on. One of my classes is in a trailer that has a tin roof. Add a boring teacher, rain, thunder, and a tin roof, it will give Ты the best nap ever! Which is true! A lot of kids sleep on storming Mondays.
On a brighter note, I had to pick Talli up today. I'm happy she сказал(-а) yes to riding to school with me. Maybe...
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Thirty Seven
Clay's POV
The chute door flew open and the бык barely got out of the chute before he started spinning in a circle. It didn't take him long to buck Harmony off. I was already in the arena trying to get the бык away from her but it was no use. He was charging at Harmony who continued to lie there not moving.
"Get up," I yelled.
I whistled as I tried to get the bulls attention. But he charged at her and scrubbed his head into her legs. She still wasn't moving. I whistled at the бык again and waved my arms. I ran for the вверх of the chutes as the...
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It's Complicated Chapter Sixty Four
Jasper and I left for school a день early. I wasn't allowed to skip anymore days. They сказал(-а) I had skipped to much. I agreed with them; I had skipped a lot of school during this past year.
I was nervous about going back to school. I knew they would stare and talk about me. I would be the center of attention. There would probably be a load of gossip going around the school which didn't matter to me. Let then think what they wanted. I just hope people will leave me alone and let me be. Hopefully, no one will pry but I have a feeling Scotty will be the exception...
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Hometown Chapter Seven
Last night's ужин with the grandparents ended roughly. Dad did not say a word to them for the rest of the night. I was kind of sad to see them go. It was nice talking them and getting know them again. But dad will eventually come around to them again или at least I hoped he would. Maybe, just maybe if I told him that I had gotten hearing aides again he would see that I really needed them. I did go out of my way to lie and skip school to get them.
The день seemed to drag on. School was alright. Tex didn't really talk to me today. Maybe he was nervous about the game tonight....
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I woke up to another beautiful day. I wanted to get out of this house before dad could have a chance to talk to me about my hearing aides. I got ready and headed towards town. I remembered what Granpa had сказал(-а) last night about working and owning the hardware store in town. That's where I could go today. I could go see Grandpa for the день and get to know him.
"Hey Grandpa," I сказал(-а) as I entered the store.
"Heyt there darling," he сказал(-а) signing, "what are Ты up to?"
"Nothing at all, so I thought I would come see," I сказал(-а) signing.
"Well, I could use some company and some help," Granpa сказал(-а) smiling....
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Thirty Six
I wasn't sure how to go about this. I had never rode Midnight Moon with saddle. He is use to a blanket sometimes.
Sam had just finished up with the barrels and was going to let her Sal rest a few minutes. Midnight Moon and I entered the arena.
"We will walk around them first," I сказал(-а) to him.
I walked the pattern that Sam had gone in. Midnight Moon was itching to run around.
"We will finish walking and then Ты can run," I said, "by yourself."
"Are Ты expecting that horse to talk back," Sam said.
"No, but I have to let him know what I am doing," I said...
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Thirty Five Option 2
Clay's POV
Ever since I woke up this morning my сердце as been heavy. I haven't told Harmony exactly about the Navy. That I will have to leave. I just feel guilty about it. I had to do it. I could not wait till it was time to leave to tell her.
I walked into the сарай and found her working.
"Hey can we talk," I asked.
"Sure thing, what's up," she asked as she leaned against a stall wall.
"You know when I told Ты I would be joining the Navy after high school, right," I said.
"Yeah," she shrugged.
"You know once I join, I'll have to leave for...
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