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AN/Lame title. It was the best I could think of.

The energetic tune of the bugal tone that sounded at
exactly six thirty every morning sent three penguins
leaping up and out of постель, кровати in size order. Kowalski, Rico,
and Private all stood side by side in erect posture.
They gazed strait on, Kowalski's expression solid and
serious though still half-awake, Rico, a solemn expression
on his scarred face all the same Ты could see the phyco
fire in his antarctican eyes, Private, who was last in the order,
carefully wiped sleep from one сирень eye, not breaking
his posture however. After waiting several seconds...
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Skipper is a DOLPHIN?!?! XD
the penguins of madagascar
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It's a beautiful morning in the Central Park Zoo. Lilly and Skipper had just gotten married the night before, and now they were heading off to their Honeymoon in Africa! (They wanted to say hi to some old Друзья too.) ;D ! "Skipper! Im SO excited to finally be going away!" Lilly сказал(-а) cheerfully as she packed her purple duffle bag. "Skipper? SKIPPER!?" Skipper didn't hear her because he was too busy trying to stuff his suitcase with flamethrowers, Оружие and other weapons of mass destruction.....Typical Skipper! "Im sorry Lilly, I just wanna make sure were безопасно, сейф on our honeymoon." Skipper replied,...
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Joey's Pen: Take 1

Julien: "...Ha! Into your face penguin!"

Skipper: "Sh-sh-ssssh! Don't make a sound, we're in James's pen!
Blast! That's not right!"

Joey's Pen: Take 2

Skipper: "Sh-sh-ssssh! Don't make a sound, we're in Joey's pen!"

Julien: "Who's Joey?"

*Joey awakens & approaches them*

Skipper: "That's Joey."

Julien: "A kangaroo! Oooh! How cute!"

*Joey kicks Julien*

Joey: "Joey don't rightly appreciate trespassers mates, makes me mad!"

Skipper: "Now look, marsupal, we don't--"

Director: "Cut!"

Skipper: "What?! What did I say?"

Director: "MarsuPIAL, not marsupal."

Skipper: "Blast!"...
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J; justin beiber,U,usher S;skipper K;kowalski R;rico P;private

while the boys were sleeping they hear a bang on the roof of the HQ

S; what in the name of mike is going on up there
K; i guess that we have two new penguins
S;pushes kowalski out of the way, your right and the girls Любовь them
S; i know that kid, i know him
P; who is i---
S; Эй, Justin, Justin
J;!:o Skipper
S yep thats me
J; it has been a long time since we talked
R grgyrhrge ( what are Ты talking about skipper)
J; what did he just say skip
S; uhh nothing *nuges rico*
U; uhh justin what are Ты doing down here
S; who is he
J; he is usher
U; the rapper not the person that get Ты smoothies and stuff
S; ya ya ya i know
J; really!
S; *whispers* no i didn't know who he was in the first place
J; oh ok
U; Ты need to get up there now justin now
J; ok ok ok ok i get it
S; ya i think Ты should go up there now
J;*wispers* don't get him mad

To be continued
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