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posted by cs-fabulous
Yeah i have a theory that most people are not going to like because basically my theory is that Sam is going to go to the 'darkside' now many people are thinking that, there is no way cause its just too obvious but to Ты i say, what other way could the writers end this? The last battle, the ultimate battle is going to be brother vs. brother. The ultimate struggle. I know there has many indications this season that Dean may have an evil side to him as well, with his Последнее trip to hell and all that tourting but Ты know Sam is giving into the evil that was forced into him when he was a baby. Drinking Ruby's blood is disgusting and was the final dissapointment for me with Sam. He was my favourite character but now i ship Dean more! Anyway im totally going off the point. After watching the latest episode i was just sitting here thinking to myself, yep thats it Sam's going evil. Lillith offerd to end this for his and Dean's lives but what was really her motive, is it just because the Ангелы are getting on here nerves? No. Ты herd her, she wants out because she doesnt survive to the Apocolypse, so arent we wondering why? and who breaks the rest of the seals if shes dead? Yes thats right, what im thinking is that little Sammy is going to embrase his deamon side and kill Lillith partly as revenge for what she done to Dean but most likley just to get her out of the way and he will bring the Apocolypse. Cause come on people the only way Sam is going to get any stronger is to embrase all that bad deamon blood, let it take him over. So that brings us to the final battle cause sure Deans not gonna like what he has to do but like Cas says, he is the only one who can do it, not only because he was the rightous man who broke the first печать but because the evil that must be defeted is his own brother and no-one else would even have the chance to get that close. So your wondering if this is the way it ends and the Angles know, why dont they just kill sam now? Because they cant, Ты herd what Cas said, they can not try and change a prophicy, they cant stop Sam becoming evil but if they have Dean on their side now they may have a chance at defeting him in the future.

So what do Ты guys think? I know i ranted a little but its hard to think straight when there is so much about it that just makes sence, i've most likley missed lots of points i could have put in!
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