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Full movie of The Lion King 1 1/2.
the lion king 3
full movie
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taka is mufasa's brother,he was born after mufasa.
he Любовь dplaying with his brother.one день as they played,Ahadi looked at them and uru came to his side and asked him"is something wrong dear?"and he replies"i have to choose who is going to be the Далее king,Mufasa или Taka"uru looked at him"choose wisely"and left.ahadi decided to choose mufasa.the Далее день he told mufasa"mufasa,i have chosen Ты to be the Далее king of the pridelands"and mufasa said"cool".mufasa ran to taka and told him"taka,taka,dad chose me as the Далее king!"and taka said"really,then im really happy for Ты brother".taka dint...
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