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Reduces swelling and prevents infection when chewed and applied to a wound. May also be chewed by a cat with a toothache to reduce pain, swelling, and aid in preventing complications.

Used to prevent tooth decay.

Use the gel inside of leaves to cure skin problems или burns.

New shoots are to be eaten, and chewed and applied to the bit of an Adder или гадюка to stave off the effects of its poisoned bite.
Keys (seeds) of the Ash дерево may also be consumed to fight the pain caused by a stitch in the side.

Apply to the paw to treat any paw problems.

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Well, to start I have read all the Книги and I'm starting Forgotten Warrior. I type about spoilers and other warriors stuff. First there is еще then one Erin Hunter there about 4. Also the movie everyone is talking about, the Erins haven't say anything about it so no movie yet. On YouTube there are the best trailers and other stuff.
Ok spoilers~ there are some things that are super.

Jayfeather, Lionblaze, HollyLeaf are Leafpool and Crowfeather's kits. HollyLeaf tells everyone at the gathering.
Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight are no longer mates.
HollyLeaf killed Ashfur then ran into the tunnels....
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posted by Dawnstripe
I never thought that I would have kits so soon after my warrior ceremony. Especialy with Tigerheart. My сердце has been always looking up onto Bumblestripe since I left Tigerheart. But I had never realized that I had stayed with Tigerheart for too long. His face always popped up into my mind.

It was the time where Dawnpelt gave her thoughts about Jayfeather, accusing accusing him of murder. This made me еще nervous then ever, and I couldn't possibly understand why Tigerheart agreeded whith her. Yes, they were littermates, but when Tigerheart had warned her about the threat before the Gathering,...
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Stormtail is a super fat blue-gray tom with blue eyes and who let his beloved mate, Moonflower die, which wasn't at all his fault but every cat in the damned forest thinks it is. He liked trying to have kits with Dappletail but failed. Like, epicly. He then like never talked to his kits, and doesn't give a shit about them. But he was so important that he sometimes got it on with Pinestar. That's how Pinestar first found that he loved toms, not she-cats.

Moonflower is a gray and black she-cat who is the sis to the crazy med cat Goosey. She's really sweet but her mate Stormtial don't loves her...
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leader: Cherrystar: pretty dappled ginger she-cat with green eyes
deputy: Lightningstrike: black tom with yellow ripples like lightning and amber eyes
medicine cat: Grassnose: a mottled light gray tabby tom with amber eyes
apprenitce: Patchfeather
Sorrelflight: a pale tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes
Timberclaw: dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes
apprentice: Thistepaw
Furzeflash: gray-and-white she-cat with blue eyes
Sandybelly: pale Золото tom with green eyes and dark ginger belly
Sootcloud: dark gray tabby tom with pale blue eyes
Rainsplash: blue-gray tom with blue eyes
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Cast list
Leafpool: light brown tabby she-cat (medicine cat)
Brambleclaw: dark brown tabby tom (deputy of ThunderClan)
Cloudtail: long-haired white tom
Berrypaw: cream-colored tom (Brambleclaw’s apprentice)
Crowfeather: dark gray tom
Onestar: brown tabby tom (leader of WindClan)
Tornear: tabby tom
Harepaw: light brown tom (Tornear’s apprentice)
The narrow, overgrown stream that runs through the woods at the edge of the moor, which marks the border between ThunderClan and WindClan.
Early leaf-fall, two moons after the death of Hawkfrost on ThunderClan territory in mysterious...
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