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posted by Clutch13
These are lyrics to a rap song I just wrote... I'm gonna sing em to this beat...


So.. ya can kinda follow with the vid and the lyrics. It tells me when to come in and what not...

I bought a rope today. Make all the pain of this life go away. Don't really see a reason for me to stay. Shit job, shit pay, can't see a better way. To let it all end, there's nothing to defend. Just the stress filling me up like some bloody depends. So for only seven dollars and twenty seven cents, I found a fifty foot rope to заворачивать, обертывание around my neck.
I bought a rope today. May be the best investment that...
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posted by SaturdaySurpris
•    Make a commitment to yourself
Challenge the self-bullying habit and make a commitment to taking care of yourself as best Ты possibly can for the moment.
•    Reduce the risks
Protect yourself from impulsively Актёрское искусство on your thoughts by putting dangerous objects out of immediate reach. Preferably give pills, weapons etc to someone else for safe-keeping, but even putting them in a locked или inaccessible place makes it a little harder to act impulsively.
•    Tell someone how you're feeling
Tell someone else how Ты are feeling...
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posted by cutiepie0310
Black is the color
that the sad wear in mourning
feeling of wanting them back.

Black is the color
that befriends Ты when no one else is there
that holds Ты in a prison with no escape
keeping Ты from happiness
hiding in a dark corner of a room.

Black is hot coffee in the morning,
a bat flying through caves,
scratching of fingernails against a chalkboard,
a cat's silky fur.

Black is the night sky revealing stars,
Ghosts lurking in the shadows,
a monster's ferocious scream,
evil that lies within your soul.
 ❤ Inori and Shu❤
❤ Inori and Shu❤
These days Ты don't Любовь me no more.
Nor am I still treasured by you
And this way, I'll be all alone

That is how Ты always
Make me mad and cry in the end
But I loved
How your face looked when Ты said, "I'm sorry"

Please do not let me go
Hold me tight--Yes, with all my heart
I want to be in your arms
Together, with our foreheads touching
We'll fall asleep

Such a beautiful song.The feels :'( The Аниме this song is from, which is Guilty Crown, made me depressed for a very long time. I still get really sad when I listen to this song.
posted by Tenten110
Every time somebody helps her she holds on to him.
They try to give her hope not realizing that they embody that hope
then they suddenly vanish and take away pieces of her
and her hope is gone
Once again, left alone
This will continue until she's completely empty
Being robbed, one by one
Until she turns numb
Her dusty glass crown
has shattered to pieces long ago
Depression is what envelopes her every day

Crying 'til her tears dry out
'Til her eyes are red
They will always look dead
Laying in her bed
"You will be fine, don't cry!"
That's what they said.

Being lied to, every day
In every way
It's always the same...
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posted by anilesenight
The радуга full of color and light
broken dreams and tears in flight
bedtime stories to fall asleep
nightmares awaken to disturb me

shadows glide across the room
shifting shapes and violent jerks
getting closer, setting fire
scary faces and disturbing smirks

these faces in my dreams are nothing as they seem
freeing demons to come control me
setting огонь to the rain as i sleep
you're nothing as i thought Ты be

sparkles fall from the sky and burn my eyes
a haunting scene of melting light
Показать me something to set me free
to escape this place of foresaken reality

crackling embers burn my skin
sounds of bells ring in my ears
peoples misery drawing in fears
touch me and watch me fall to the ground

fancy charms, rude awakenings
multicolored hearts fill the pages of my mind
dark memorys erase once was
my soul forever Остаться в живых never was kind

i know life isnt always
worth while but I know
Ill find someone who
will treat me like I should

Only In My Dreams
posted by StolenPride
Nothing feels good anymore. I feel like every little bit of happiness is a горький piece of Конфеты that’s supposed to be sweet but instead makes my stomach churn . I feel messed up and out of place as if without the thing my mother ripped from my сердце I can no longer survive. Have Ты ever felt as if someone was your rock and without them you’ll sink? Well, imagine that rock being torn right out from under you. All Ты can do is sink. All Ты can do is drown. When emotions became to much to handle I became an artist. I painting was my favorite. I liked to watch the paint drip and then dry. Nobody’s perfect. I’ve been trying to reach my mothers expectations and every time I seem inches away from them they seem to Переместить farther. I don’t know what to do. I feel like my whole world is falling apart. I’m already drowning so it’s not like I can scream for help. If I do... I might choke.
I was once in the pit of all darkness...
Where all my fears and anything and everything didn't matter.... where nothing helped.
No love.
No help.
No one cared.
At least... thats how it felt...
No one noticed because of the mask, the mask everyone see's...

I felt like everyone would either be better off if I just DIED или might even throw a party!
Ha! I used to think thats what they all wanted they just acted nice.
I felt I didn't deserve there kindess.
Thats what I 'thought'.
Every night crying my self asleep,
every night thinking of how to kill my self,
every night praying...

praying God would kill...
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posted by blossomyumyum
What exactly is depression? Is it when Ты stab your arm, just to feel? Is it a broken heart, a sense of feeling but nothing?

Depression is walking slow, afraid.
Depression are the cuts and scars on your body, haunting every little piece of Ты that's about to crumble.

Depression is a loss, a death of what Ты were, who Ты are now.

Depression is a disorder, depression is anything but normal.

Depression is a child screaming for help as a parent holds it's neck.

Depression is a teenager trying to fit in their new school, just trying to make a friend.

Depression is an adult, hunting for that job...
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posted by FreeAwesomeness
(This is actually something that has happened to me at school. For those of Ты who have been through bullying или are going through it right now, I understand how Ты feel.)
“Just Переместить to the back of the line, where Ты belong.”
The words Ты told me slowly began to rip me apart. I hung my head down in shame, knowing Ты were right. I DID belong at the back and the bottom of everything. I turned around, and went to where Ты had ordered me to go. I know I wasn’t supposed to let the opinions of others define me, but I think it’s a bit too late for that. Every opinion...
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posted by CMJCMJLG
A place that was full of joy,
Where anger melted away,
Where we all were joyous,
All together at the end of the day.
Let's go back to a land,
That was happy and free,
Where everything was kind,
Somewhere that meant a lot to me.
Someplace to laugh,
A place without any tears,
A place where we belonged,
A place without any fears.
Let's push the clock,
Turn back the hands of time,
A place that was happy and free,
A land no one can find.
A place that we enjoyed,
A place that's above the clouds,
A place that wasn't broken
And now, it's nowhere to be found.
I'm so tired f being depressed. I didn't know why it started at first. In Ninth grade I started having this constant feeling inside and I didn't know what it was but, now I do. I have since 10th grade started. Life is so hard when you've been diagnosed with seve deepression and Ты already knew Ты have it. It's hard when people accuse Ты of doing или being something your not. It's hard when people judge Ты silently from afar или straight to your face. I don't cut bullshit like this though. When petty jerks give yoou ahard time just ignore them, I've learned that. I was bullied for 7 and a...
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posted by hottie23
I used to have really bad depression and I didn't even know it. I thank God every день that I continue to get better. One of my closest Друзья who is younger than me has depression too. We are both shy but have lots of Друзья and being so similar to her I understand what she's going through. When people ask me what's going on with her I always wonder how they can not see that she is hurting emotionally when it's right in front of their face.

I hate how there are pictures and other stuff in this spot and on the internet that make depression seem like a cool fad. It's not. Depression is dangerous,...
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posted by depression12
 Книги About Depression, Entangle
Books About Depression, Entangle

"What is it?" Depression is a mental disorder that affects the brains way of thinking. I wanted to share this after Чтение the sequel to Entwine's book "Entangle." The book is rather dark and pretty intense, however it does have a deeper meaning about control and vulnerability. Entangle dives deep into the reality of depression and sadly takes it in a way composed of a fantasy. While the book isn't based on fantasy. Фэнтези in this book refers to unusual desires about love. And Entangle throws it out there in a way I believe is worse then the Entwine book itself. Entangle...
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posted by cutiepie0310
There's nowhere to run.
There's nowhere to hide.
Ты can't escape,
from the pain inside.

You're mind is lost.
Fear has taken over
and insanity has caved in.

Voices in your head tell Ты to walk
out the front door
and down to the dock.

At the edge Ты stand
In your lovely gown
took one еще step
And began to drown.

Ты become aware
and gasp for air.

Waves crash in
and Ты choke on water
You're suffocating now
Ты start to wonder will anyone save me?

Tears started to show.
It's too late to be saved.
It's too late to be found.

Another death gone by
These happen everyday
From thoughts of suicide.

Poem made by me.
If I was gone, who would I leave behind?
If I was gone, would anyone care?
Would I be better off away from my lonely life?
Would I make it better, if I was gone.
No one seems to care. Do they Любовь me?
Do they even know?
The fact that I am empty inside?
Sometimes I want to say "Forget it all."
Does anyone need me?
Do I have a reason to be here?
All I what?
None of it matters anymore,
I am tired of the mess that is my life.
Am I meant to be?
I don't know.
But will it change?
Do I have a strength?
Is there a lighter side?
A door that can be opened?
I can't open it now.
Is it too early?
...or too late?
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posted by SaturdaySurpris
Managing Stress Levels

This is an important longer-term strategy for resisting depression.

Stress, anger and anxiety

How we habitually deal with stress plays an important role in our vulnerability to depression. Certain depressed thinking habits make us particularly vulnerable also to anxiety или anger spirals, which in turn contribute to the depression habit spiral.

Control - the holy grail

Anxiety and anger spirals arise mainly from the kinds of depressed thinking which focus on imposing unrealistic control over life: rule-bound thinking, control freakery, catastrophising, hyper-vigilance and avoidance....
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posted by blossomyumyum
I walk on a cold, mysterious path. It isn't safe- Ты cannot trust anyone anymore, can you, my dear? I'm sorry, darling, I messed up and made Ты lose me. I am a mess in a dress who can't be fixed. But, oh! I told Ты it all. Things I swore to never tell a soul. I'm sorry for being a wreck, I'm sorry for fights, I'm sorry for everything. Please, oh, please, take me in. I'm cold and slowly resting for the night. I'm so sorry I'm dramatic, I'm so sorry I make Ты hate upon me. I'm sorry, my baby, may Ты forgive me?
posted by canal
"Go die" they say when they pass me in the halls. Yes, i may have blonde hair contacts that make my eyes look red snakebites tatoos and black clothing but does that mean Ты have to hurts me. "Kill me now please" i beg god everyday. "Pathetic girl" mother сказал(-а) slapping me leaving a red mark. "Shut the f*** up" my sister says kicking me down. Father? do Ты hear me? please come back to me.
Since when has my depression gone to suicide? i have no idea. "I'm so sorry" he'd say wrapping his arms around me my only friend. Chaner? Do Ты hear me? i may be a horrible friend but i still Любовь you.
Do i...
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posted by NightFrog

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK)

National Adolescent Suicide Helpline - 1-800-621-4000

NDMDA Depression Hotline – Support Group - 1-800-826-3632

Crisis Help Line – For Any Kind of Crisis - 1-800-233-4357

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide: (UK only) - 0844-561-6855

24/7 Crisis Line:(Canada only) - 905-522-1477

Youth America Hotline - 1-877-YOUTHLINE (1-877-968-8454)

Teen Helpline - 1-800-400-0900

Runaway Support (All Calls are Confidential) - 800-231-694