Холм одного дерева Pilot Название

Ba55 posted on Mar 13, 2014 at 02:45AM
Hello One Tree Hill fans in the universe.

As most of you probably know, 186 out of 187 of the OTH episode titles were named after songs or album titles.

The only one which wasn't was the pilot - it was just called "Pilot."

My question is: if you were to give the pilot a "normal" title, named after a song (or album title) like the rest were, what would it be?

My main idea right now is "Drift." Because that was the name of the first song (by Forty Foot Echo) in the opening scene. It also fits well, I think, with the theme of the episode. We were introduced to this town called Tree Hill where "nothing ever changed until one outsider changed everything," and this was when the story first started "drifting" towards that change.

It would also be cool because "One Tree Hill" was the series finale title, and it was also the name of the LAST song heard in the series, in the final scene. So I think it'd be cool to name the FIRST episode after the first song ever heard in the series.

Let me know what your thoughts are. :)

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