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Deymar posted on Mar 17, 2012 at 06:16AM
Leader- Beechstar; A creamy colored tom with dark grey tabby stripes. He also has a pale cream belly, and lower chest. His eyes are a pale icy/baby blue shade, and his right fore-arm has a winding scar around it. His left ear has a rip. {Deymar}


Medicine Cat-

Roseshadow; Red dappled pelt with black spots. Her front left paw is white and her back right paw is black. She has icy blue eyes, and her left ear has a rip. {Rebecca_Orlando}

Ebonypaw; A dark grey she-cat, practically black, with tabby stripes along her spine, and orangey eyes {Deymar}



Pinefur; A dark brown-gray tomcat with thin, dark stripes. He has a pale colored chest, and a long scar along his spine, that twists around his neck. He has yellow-green eyes. {Deymar}

To join;


I will assign mentors.

(More to be added)
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Больше года Deymar said…
Beechstar padded around the water-stroven territory with a small sigh. The pine trees were bare, from the leaf bare they had just endured. Most of the clan had died, and they were very small in numbers. The tom growled to himself, "I should have done something. Instead, I watched as my clan starved!" he clenched his teeth, so he didn't let out a yowl.
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Больше года Rebecca_Orlando said…
Pelt-Red dappled pelt with black spots. Her front left paw is white and her back right paw is black.
Eyes-Icy Blue
Scars?-Her left ear has a rip.
Больше года Deymar said…
Welcome to the clan!, Your apprentice is Ebonypaw. )

Beechstar raised his tabby head, looking around, and seeing the few cats left in the clan, try to thrive. He chose a small rabbit to eat, and possibly someone to share it with.

Ebonypaw padded across camp, carrying moss to the elders den, where their only elder stayed.

Pinefur raised his head briefly when Ebonypaw came in, and nodded his assent about the moss.
Больше года Feathershine said…
I will sign up to :D!!

Ivyshadow: pale gray tabby she-cat with green eyes (warrior)

Petalpaw: dark brown she-cat with light brown splotches and bright green/blue eyes

Hawkheart: mottled light brown tabby Tom, he has icy blue eyes, two front paws are white darker ear tips and white tail tip and underbelly, kind of sinister

Frozenleaf (med cat please :): beautiful white tabby she-cat with crystal clear blue/purple eyes with silver and black tabby stripes

(adopted) Splashkit: white she-cat with different splashes of color on her, NOT a tortoiseshell, with green eyes

thanks a ton!! :D