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First let me apologize for the pictures. My life is варенье, джем packed right now and I wanted to get this Статья published seeing as that we are already past жасмин month. So I used tiffany88's moodboards instead.

Well, it's that time again, now that жасмин месяц has ended to give Ты my Список of who I think Jasmine's Избранное princesses would be. Sorry that it's a little late. As always, I don't profess to be an expert on this. Also, I eventually just ended up posting this because I couldn't really come to a conclusion.

10. Cinderella

Yeah...I think we all saw this one coming. Though it's predictable,...
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Here is the Список of fanpop's Избранное princesses. I decided to omit the Список of usernames and where the princesses are ranked, because I find it to be indulgent and cluttered. I will instead link the Опрос where I asked everyone's Избранное princess: link

Disclaimer: If Ты see me quote myself, it's because I didn't have a sufficient quote on either the positive или negative side for that particular princess. Also, I simply picked Цитаты I thought were the best at summarizing the pros/cons of each princess, so some people may Показать up twice. I did try to diversify the user quotes, though.

11. Merida...
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I find that Snow has the opposite problem as Elsa: she is frequently just typed as a sensor (because Ты know, she's all traditional and not adventurous and likes to cook and all that boring sensor stuff, right?). There's a lot of bias and stereotyping with MBTI fans, and I used to be guilty of it too (OK, sometimes I still am). though to be fair, I think Snow IS a little underdeveloped in ways, so she could really be interpreted either way. However, I'll explain why I think she uses Ni over Si.

Extraverted Feeling (Fe): No doubt about it, Snow White is warm, caring, and a social butterfly....
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So, I made a Опрос counting down the smartest Дисней Princess and it's time to find put who will be the smartest Дисней Princess! Please keep in kind that it isn't my opinion, it's the opinion of the Fanpop users. Enjoy the article! :)
Also, for some Комментарии I had to shorten или change them.

13. Anna

 She didn't get much education, right? Especially since she was isolated for no reason and desperate for love. Nobody told her she can't judge a person so fast. - Manu962
She didn't get much education, right? Especially since she was isolated for no reason and desperate for love. Nobody told her she can't judge a person so fast. - Manu962

I figured she'd be down near the bottom, and it looks like I was right about that. Overall, a lot of people agreed that she...
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Click link to read my opinion on the classic era princesses and movies

My 2nd Статья in these series, this is about the Renaissance Era Princesses and their movies, this might be a lengthy Статья since it covers 5 princesses and 5 movies, anyway unlike the classic era princesses and Фильмы my opinion on the renaissance era princesses and Фильмы changed a lot.

Let's start with the movies:

The Little Mermaid:

This movie was my 7th Избранное DP Movie before I rewatched the movie, now it has moved down to 6th, but I still think the movie is amazing, the Анимация is very bland, the songs are...
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Frozen's Elsa and the Дисней Princesses have had enough of being damsels in distress!
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