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 Accidental Discrimination?
Accidental Discrimination?
Okay, so the еще I think about this, the еще it starts to bother me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall any Дисней Princesses having green eyes. What's up with that?!

Snow White: brown
Cinderella: blue
Aurora: blue
Ariel: blue
Belle: brown
Jasmine: brown
Pocahontas: brown
Mulan: brown
I think Tiana's eyes are brown too.

Even the majority of Disney's other leading ladies don't have jade-coloured peepers. I'm pretty sure Tarzan's Jane has blue eyes, as does Giselle in Enchanted. So do Alice (in Wonderland) and Peter Pan's Wendy! I can't really tell what colour Megara's eyes are in Hercules (blue...
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A great appreciation for all people in this spot who participated in my poll. Using the link (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) assessment, I attempted to classify Belle in one of sixteen different personality types.


1. Introverted link

Introverts often:
- Have quiet energy
- Listen еще than talk
- Think quietly inside their heads
- Think, then act
- Feel comfortable being alone
- Prefer to work "behind-the-scenes"
- Have good powers of concentration
- Prefer to focus on one thing at a time
- Are self-contained and reserved

In the song "Belle," she preferred Чтение alone to mingling with...
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 Дисней Heriones
Disney Heriones
The two most Популярное Дисней women outside of the DP franchise. These two exotic beauties are definitely Фан избранное when it comes to Animated Heriones, so why aren't they apart of the official line-up? The main reason people complain about Мулан being an official princess is that she gets recognized when these two ladies don't. Even though Megara is closer to royalty than her and Esmeralda is pretty much equal to Mulan. So basically I'm going to do the same thing I did with Merida. Look at the Pros and Cons of adding Esmeralda and Megara to the line-up. The only difference is, Merida still...
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 Seriously, if these three were princesses they'd be #1
Seriously, if these three were princesses they'd be #1
Oh my god! This is literally the hardest countdown I've ever done! I did this Список awhile back and my opinion has changed radically on all the princesses. With my favourites list, one princess moved, with this Список they've all changed places, I used math to help me rank them and I was surprised, especially by my #8. I gave each of them scores of 1-10 for three different areas, face, body and hair. Then added it up. No one got 30 as their final score. Funny enough, even though they're princesses, none of them are perfect. To be honest I'm only sure about my вверх two, this Список could change again...
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Welcome to the 2nd Princess Personality article! Like the Назад Статья about Belle's personality, this one about Snow White is still using the MBTI assessment.


1. Extraverted link

Extraverts often:
Have high energy
Talk еще than listen
Think out loud
Act, then think
Like to be around people a lot
Prefer a public role
Can sometimes be easily distracted
Prefer to do lots of things at once
Are outgoing & enthusiastic

Although Snow White was without human companion under her stepmother's wicked rule, she had plenty of animal friends. In fact, Snow White was always surrounded...
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Please Note: This is a mature subject matter. If you're uncomfortable feel free not to read.

This is my first time Письмо an Статья on Fanpop as well as on the topic of Дисней but I have in fact written comprehensive Статьи about the place sexuality holds in American society so I at least can claim to know my facts fairly well. This is a break down on movie by movie basis exploring the sexual tones, или what I can pull since these are really films for kids, of not only the princess but also the prince as well as a few characters on the side. Let's go in chronological order!

Snow White and...
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 Дисней has Зачарованная us for decades with its beautiful, Пение heroines.
Disney has enchanted us for decades with its beautiful, singing heroines.
As many of us know, Disney Princesses are not always viewed in a positive light. Some people believe them to be passive, codependent damsels in distress. But is this really true? или does each Princess offer a kind of strength in her own way? Here, I have carefully ranked the princesses in terms of being good role Модели for young girls. We'll start at the bottom of the Список so we can work our way towards, in my opinion, Дисней Princess' best role model. I have spoken to plenty of parents to make sure that I have diverse research and opinions.

9. Aurora

The third Дисней princess to ever...
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Since Мулан is princess of the month, here some thoughts about which цветок fits her the best. The movie, after all, offers some choices. The most obvious one is the magnolia, since that’s the translation of the name Mulan.

Then there is the white цветок Мулан wears in her hair when she meets the matchmaker – the same цветок she leaves behind when she goes to war. I’m not sure what kind of цветок that’s suppose to be. I first considered lotus (since the lotus is such a reveled цветок in Asia and gets often connected to the gods), but a lotus has еще petals. A white вишня blossom...
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Facts about Cinderella

1.Cinderella is the секунда Дисней Princess, joining the franchise in 1950, after Snow White in 1937.

2.Cinderella is the first Дисней Princess to be seen as a little girl, before Tiana in 2009 and Rapunzel in 2010.

3.Cinderella's hair color has often been the subject of Дебаты among fans. In the original film, Cinderella's hair seems to be of a light оранжевый tone, classifying her as either a redhead или a ginger as her hair had been offically called 'burnt orange'. In the franchise and in the Дисней parks,

4.Cinderella's hair is publicized as bright yellow, making her a golden-blonde,...
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