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This is opinion, so please do not send any hate pls. This is also my first ever Статья so I am sorry if a I make any rookie mistakes. Anyways, let’s cut right too the chase!

#15 Mulan

I am so sorry Mulan. She is still such a pretty girl. She has lovely hair and looks absolutely beautiful when she is wearing make-up. Problem is, she is just too plain. She doesn’t look as unique compared to some of the other Дисней Princesses. Personally for me, she is a 4.5/10.

 Sorry Мулан 😬
Sorry Мулан 😬

#14 Meg

I am honestly a bit conflicted about this one. I do find her somewhat beautiful? She just is too shaped???...
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Hello everyone! I'm Veronica (a.k.a. ApplesauceDoctr :D), and hey, it's been a little while since I've written an article. It feels good to get back into the spirit of writing. :D
So, what have I today? As Ты can see, I'll be analyzing the song "Reflection" from Disney's Mulan. I made a lyric video for it about a week назад and realized just how deep the song is! However, in this analysis, I'll also be taking a look at the extended version of the song. It shows a different side of Мулан that...well, you'll see soon enough.

Alright then! Let's take a listen to Reflection!

Movie Version

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 What's a Дисней Princess?
What's a Disney Princess?
What makes a Дисней Princess?

There are several points that make a Дисней female character a Дисней Princess;
She must be produced by hand drawing, she must sing at least once in her movie (in solo или duet) and she must either be born to royalty или marry into royalty или in some cases, both.

The OTPs

Princess Snow White, Princess Aurora, Princess Ariel and Princess Золушка were all painfully hand drawn by the Дисней artists and were animated to have at least one song meeting the technical side of their requirements. Princess Snow White, Princess Aurora, Princess Ariel were born to royalty and...
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 Accidental Discrimination?
Accidental Discrimination?
Okay, so the еще I think about this, the еще it starts to bother me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall any Дисней Princesses having green eyes. What's up with that?!

Snow White: brown
Cinderella: blue
Aurora: blue
Ariel: blue
Belle: brown
Jasmine: brown
Pocahontas: brown
Mulan: brown
I think Tiana's eyes are brown too.

Even the majority of Disney's other leading ladies don't have jade-coloured peepers. I'm pretty sure Tarzan's Jane has blue eyes, as does Giselle in Enchanted. So do Alice (in Wonderland) and Peter Pan's Wendy! I can't really tell what colour Megara's eyes are in Hercules (blue...
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